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Fall 2016 News

As we prepare for the start of the Fall 2016 Season, practice or tryouts are not permitted before August 1, 2016.  Also remember that practice cannot be scheduled for the day of the CYO Coaches Meeting in your area.  Athletic directors & coaches, please modify your practice schedule to comply with this rule and to attend the coaches meetings. 

Teams must be registered with the Diocese of Cleveland CYO Office by August 7.  Fall season schedules will be posted by 11:59pm on Thursday August 18. 


To find your schedule;  Select the sport and then the level of play for your team. 

  • In the “Full version”, to see the teams in a schedule, click the “+” next to the schedule. Click the schedule name to see the complete schedule, or the team name to see just that team’s schedule..  If you click the star it will “favorite” the team and pull that schedule to the top of the list for easy access. 
  • In the “Mobile version”, to see the teams click the “teams” button.  To see the schedule, click the “schedule” button and the “add to favorites” button to pull that team to the top of the list for easy access.
  • In the “Mobile version”, you do not see the header message of the schedule.  Please look at the “Full version” to see the complete schedule.  Also click the “Bulletin” tab in the “Mobile version” to see the updates that are posted throughout the season.
If you have a question about your schedule please contact your coach, pastoral designee or CYO commissioner.

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