Diocese of Cleveland CYO
HSB-11th Grade Tungsten Tournament
Saturday, February 26, 2022

- Remember to wear your CDP Credentials and to bring Emergency Forms, First Aid Kits & Warm-up Balls to each game. Bring your own pen to fill out the score sheet.

Players - Carry your playing shoes into the gym, bring your own personal items.

Announcements related to inclement weather and the status of competitions will be posted on the main page of the schedule website, Twitter, Instagram (@CYOSportsDOC) and media as needed. 

  St. Edward High School (Diamond)      
    Match #79640003        
   Sun 2/27/2022 2:00 PM  (1) St. Ignatius High School (FRabotta)    
   AmbroseBB   FS: 21--27      
St. Raphael (Tomsik)        
  Match #79640002          
 Sat 2/26/2022 5:00 PM  (2) St. Ignatius High School (FRabotta)      
 JUDE-GYM   FS: 33--38        
St. Ignatius High School (FRabotta)        
      Match #79640007      
     Sat 3/5/2022 7:30 PM  (1) St. Ignatius High School (FRabotta)  
     HOLYTRINIT   FS: 57--35    
  St. Mary of the Assumption (Malchesky)      
    Match #79640006        
   Sat 2/26/2022 12:00 PM  (4) St. Basil the Great (Mihalek)    
   LNSPRED   FS: 34--56      
  St. Basil the Great (Mihalek)      
        Match #79640009    
       Sun 3/6/2022 5:00 PM  (1) Winner #79640009
       CPL-GYM   ( Elimination Winner)
  St. John Vianney (Walsh)      
    Match #79640004        
   Sun 2/27/2022 4:00 PM  (2) St. John Vianney (Walsh)    
   LNSPRED   FS: 38--34      
Gilmour Academy (Snelling)        
  Match #79640001          
 Sat 2/26/2022 2:00 PM  (1) Gilmour Academy (Snelling)      
 AmbroseBB   FS: 39--36        
St. Francis de Sales - Akron (Mazzagatti        
      Match #79640008      
     Sat 3/5/2022 5:45 PM  (2) St. John Vianney (Walsh)  
     CPL-GYM   FS: 33--30    
  Holy Trinity - Avon (Shmelter)      
    Match #79640005        
   Sat 2/26/2022 4:00 PM  (3) St. Ignatius High School (O'Brien)    
   JUDE-GYM   FS: 39--41      
  St. Ignatius High School (O'Brien)      
Event IDDateTimeDayLocationVisitorV ScoreHomeH ScoreStatus
796400062/26/202212:00 PMSatLost / LNSP-Willoughby-RedSt. Basil the Great (Mihalek)56St. Mary of the Assumption (Malchesky)34Completed
796400012/26/20222:00 PMSatSt. / St. Ambrose Gym - BasketballSt. Francis de Sales - Akron (Mazzagatti36Gilmour Academy (Snelling)39Completed
796400052/26/20224:00 PMSatSt. Jude-Elyria / St. Jude - GymSt. Ignatius High School (O'Brien)41Holy Trinity - Avon (Shmelter)39Completed
796400022/26/20225:00 PMSatSt. Jude-Elyria / St. Jude - GymSt. Ignatius High School (FRabotta)38St. Raphael (Tomsik)33Completed
796400032/27/20222:00 PMSunSt. / St. Ambrose Gym - BasketballSt. Ignatius High School (FRabotta)27St. Edward High School (Diamond)21Completed
796400042/27/20224:00 PMSunLost / LNSP-Willoughby-RedGilmour Academy (Snelling)34St. John Vianney (Walsh)38Completed
796400083/5/20225:45 PMSatCent / CPL FieldhouseSt. Ignatius High School (O'Brien)30St. John Vianney (Walsh)33Completed
796400073/5/20227:30 PMSatHoly Trinity-Avon / Holy Trinity-Avon GymSt. Basil the Great (Mihalek)35St. Ignatius High School (FRabotta)57Completed
796400093/6/20225:00 PMSunCent / CPL FieldhouseSt. John Vianney (Walsh)NASt. Ignatius High School (FRabotta)NAPending